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Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy

People interested in becoming massage therapists come with lots of questions.  Here are some common questions you might have.

1.  Do you offer daytime and nighttime classes?
Yes!  See our current class calendars for specific dates and times.  We offer several options so students can find a way to come to school and still have a busy life.

2.  What is the tuition for the complete professional massage therapy training program?
Our complete tuition is $9100 which includes all instruction, a professional-grade massage table with face cradle, bolster, and case, all your books, notes, and equipment for the program.  We even start you out with your first bottle of lubricant.  Your other expenses are minimal and outlined in our catalog.  We provide the best materials to launch your professional career.

3.  Will there be weekend seminars which I will be required to attend?
No.  Your class schedule is set at the beginning of your program.  See current calendars.  There are only 3 exceptions to the published calendar:  an opportunity for sports and/or chair massage practice at a live event, 2 instructor massage appointments set up by you and the individual instructor, and snow day cancellations/make ups if they occur.  Make up days are rescheduled in advance and with the consent of the whole class.  We respect that you have responsibilities outside of massage school and we do not spring surprise calendar changes on you!

4.  Do I have to find other time in my schedule for clinic hours and do I have to find my own clients for clinic?  
No, your class schedule includes 50 clinic hours right within your regular school schedule.  We have found these 50 hours to be the perfect amount of practice you need to gain the competence and confidence to work with real  paying clients. We take care of booking clients for you.  We have a large group of regular clients for the school clinic and many new clients come to us every day.  You are welcome to invite family and friends to our clinic, but it is not a requirement.

5.  Why don't you have tracks or areas of concentration within your program?  
We provide a solid core of basic massage therapy training that we believe every professional massage therapist should have.  When you are new to a field it is difficult to choose advanced training before you have the basics.  We want you to have a base of knowledge and technique which will allow you to work effectively with clients.  Then you will develop your interests within the field based on your clients' needs and your experience.  We do not believe in dictating your advanced education classes nor in asking you to determine your path before you are ready. 

6.  How can I check on the school's track record with the State Approval Program?
We welcome you to call or email the Wisconsin Education Approval Program.  The staff at the EAP has our track record and they are a great resource for potential students.

7.  Do you have Federal Financial Aid, Federal Grants, Federal student loans?
No, WSMT is too small for all of these programs.  We are an independent, locally-owned school which allows us the flexibility to control costs and bring you the lowest tuition in the area.  We can offer you financing through the school directly or through TFC Tuition Financing. 

8.  Do you accept scholarship monies for tuition?
Yes, we accept tuition from any source you can secure.  Students sometimes find scholarships through their employers, sponsorships through family, online crowd-sourcing, and even individual arrangements with future employers. 

9.  Can I transfer credits from another school or college program?
We do not offer advanced placement.  Getting the information through the lens of Massage Therapy, even if you have had it in your past education, is worthwhile.

10.  Do you offer classes online?
We value the quality of your education and for this reason our program is provided entirely live and in-person at our specially-designed facility.  Our classes become learning communities that support each other and the learning process.  Online classes are often recorded presentations, freezing the information at that time.  We are able to present the most current scientific information because each class is planned specifically for your session.  We are updating the information we present in an on-going manner.  Also, we believe human communication is best accomplished in person and optimal learning demands the best human communication.  Our graduates are top in the field because we value your massage education so highly that we go the extra mile to provide you with the best in-person teaching and learning environment.   

11.  What makes your program outstanding?
Our attention to individual learners:  small class sizes that meet in-person for all of our learning hours, highly qualified teachers who love to teach, and flexibility to help each student complete the program.  Our results:  graduates who quickly attain their state license, graduates that employers tell us are highly desirable for their skill and popularity with clients, and graduates who happily launch into private practice.  We support you in your journey to successful professional massage therapist status.

12.  How hard will it be to get a job as a licensed massage therapist?
Massage therapists are in demand and there is currently a shortage of massage therapists.  Every day WSMT receives pleas from numerous employers to send them more therapists.  The demand for massage therapy from the public is growing as is the referral rate from the medical profession.  Employers are struggling to keep up and they don't want to turn away business.  Once you complete our program and obtain your massage therapist license you will be in the driver's seat to choose the job you want!

We are now signing up students for our classes.  The sooner you begin, the faster you will be a Wisconsin Licensed Massage Therapist with great job prospects, dedicated clients, and a steady income.  Call us for a free tour at your convenience and on your schedule!  262-250-1276.

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