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2009 Highlights
2/17/2009 - Making Soup

So here we are in February already! How are your new year's resolutions coming? Did you hope to eat healthier this year? I'll let you in on a secret: one of the easiest ways to eat healthy is to eat a lot of soup! And soup is a snap to make yourself. It's satisfying to create and eat a luscious pot of soup.  

Here's the easiest set of directions (not a recipe, really, because it's much looser!) Start with a pot that you've put a couple of glugs (you know, when you turn the bottle over...glug...glug) of olive oil in and get it warming on medium. Chop an onion and throw it in. Stir it around a bit as you chop other stuff: celery, bok choy, carrots, cabbage, kale, mushrooms, whatever you have around! Throw them all in and keep stirring now and then. Then throw in some salt, pepper, thyme, other seasonings if you have them like turmeric, garlic powder, chili powder... experiment! Maybe just keep the seasonings to about 2-3 not counting salt and pepper. And just so you know, salt and pepper with only 1 other seasoning is really great too. 

Then add a can, carton, or your own fresh made (idea for another message!) chicken stock. Add water to fill the pot. Cover and simmer for awhile until the veggies are soft. Oh, and add some meat if you want. Bison is lovely and good for you too. Check out North Star Bison ( for some lovely Wisconsinites who grow excellent bison! Then sit down with some good bread, real organic butter, and a big bowl of your delicious, warm, and satisfying soup! You'll be thanking me for making it so easy to keep your new year's resolutions!

1/25/2009 - Arthritis

For those of you who deal with arthritis either for yourself or for your clients you will notice that it tends to worsen in these cold months. Exercise will improve circulation throughout the body so that is one good way to improve your arthritis. Warming up achy joints can help too, so get out those rice bags.  

We have them for sale at the school or you can make your own: plain rice sewn into a cloth bag that you heat in the microwave for 3 minutes. It's a simple tool. I take one to bed with me every night these days!  

Water consumption is easy to let go when the temperature drops, but keeping the blood well hydrated will benefit those joints. The body will draw water from places like joint capsules if it is needed for vital functions. When the joints are drier they are more painful. My clients are always amazed at how much less pain they have when they get their water consumption up to the recommended amount: 1/2 your body weight in ounces, i.e. If you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink about 75 oz. of water a day. I hope these suggestions help!  
4/29/2009 - Gardening Correctly

Well the gardening is great this time of year! I've been enjoying the times when I can get out there and not get drenched by rain. I have made quite a few divisions of my perennials for the plant sale my dad is having soon. And as I was working the other day I had an inspiration for this message: to talk about posture in the garden.

Gardening is great for breathing fresh air, getting some natural light on your skin, getting some exercise while accomplishing something, growing your own food, and completely relaxing mentally. I highly recommend it for everyone!  

Now here is the caveat: use good posture while working in the garden!! Basically try to keep your back straight as much as possible. Notice how Bill is bending over with a rounded back in the first two pictures. This is a big strain on the back muscles. If you work like this you are setting yourself up for problems with your back.  

Now notice Bill's back in the next two pictures. Not only is his back straighter, but he is getting digging power from his legs which can take this work much better than his back. And in the weeding picture he is getting close to his work while keeping his back protected. In addition, this position is good for the hip sockets varying the wear on this ball joint.

Enjoy your gardening, but monitor and correct your posture to protect your back, and you will have many years of comfortable times outside. 

3/29/2009 - The Massage Market

I've been meeting with a lot of potential students lately. People are being proactive about getting some retraining to have work. Some are losing their jobs right now and they have some free time to go to school. And some are saying, "It's the time in my life to do what I really want to do for a change." All the potential students with whom I meet are interested in learning about the massage therapy market. Are people still paying money for massage?

I'm here to tell you they are! The professionals who work at WSMT are experiencing no less demand for massage work. We are also still being contacted often and regularly by massage employers looking to hire therapists.  
These are good signs for our market.

Here is why I think massage work has not slowed down in this economy. First, in my experience, about half the people who seek massage work are in some kind of pain. Pain is very motivating! Clients have often lived with their discomfort for some time and they are willing to pay for massage when they see how effective it is for helping them reduce or eliminate painful conditions. Second, life in our society, especially now, is very stressful!  

Our regular clients have already seen the benefits of reducing their stress level with a regularly scheduled massage. They may be willing to forego some other things like eating out or new clothes before their massage because it makes them feel so much better. Both types of clients talk to others about how much they get from their massage work. Lastly, there is still a grass-roots movement toward natural therapies which is growing in the public. Many more people today are willing to pay for and take responsibility for their healthcare than ever before by choosing natural methods to manage their health. 

So the market is good! Come join us and you will learn the wonders of this profession. We will teach you to find those tissues that are distraught and coax them to ease. You will be able to soothe anxious nervous systems. You will have great value to your clients because of the skill in your hands, your head, and your heart.