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January 12, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
Happy New Year!
January always brings such promise to your spirit, doesn't it?  There is hope in January for all those 12 months spread out before us in a brand new year.  I hope we all make the most of it!

Today I want you to think about winter squash.  In fall it is always a good idea to stock up on these lovelies at the farmer's market if you didn't grow them yourself.  I find they store wonderfully in my garage against a house wall where they don't freeze, but stay nice and cold.  I've used up all the big butternuts and now I have these delicates left.  Really, I should have used the smaller ones first since they are subject to rot a lot easier than the big ones, but here I find myself!  So far, so good, they don't seem any worse for wear.  I might have to cut off a bit on an end, but most are in fine shape.  

I have a big rubber mallet, bought at the hardware store, which gives me the power to make short work of these babies.  I pound my big knife right through the middle the short way, then put the cut end downward so they don't roll dangerously around while I slice them in half again.  Then I pull out the seeds with my fingers (the best way to get only seeds very quickly).  I line up the squash in a pot with about an inch of water and boil away until they are soft.  Meanwhile I take the bowl of seeds and add a little olive oil and salt, spread them on a pan and roast in the toaster oven on 400 degrees for about 30 minutes or until crispy.

Delicatas are so yummy you can eat the peeling after they are cooked, so in this way I literally eat everything!  The seeds are excellent, too, and healthy to eat.  Many people know you can roast pumpkin seeds, but any winter squash yields excellent seeds for roasting.  Once the squash is cooked it can be eaten immediately with butter and salt, or chopped up and thrown into just about anything else I've got cooking like soup or quinoa or even cold on a salad the next day.  My dogs even love squash and it is a regular part of their winter diet.  

If you didn't stock up in fall, squashes are still available in the local markets.  I hope I've inspired you to cook some up!

We are now signing up students for our new January Day, and February Night classes.  The sooner you begin, the faster you will be a Wisconsin Licensed Massage Therapist with great job prospects, dedicated clients, and a steady income.  Call us for a free tour at your convenience and on your schedule!  262-250-1276.

​Our next professional training class will begin soon. Check out our calendars so you can find the schedule which works best for you. We offer a complete basic program in 6, 10 or 14 months! You will be amazed at how fast you can have an exciting new career (or steady side-job!)

Or maybe you are not quite ready. You don't feel that you have enough information. Then maybe you want to join one of our Introduction classes. Check out the information at the right. Try your hand at real massage work, coached by a real! I would love to meet you and show you the ropes.

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January 20, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
Winter - Plan and Act!
Well by now, if you are typical, your new year's resolutions are dissolving.  The weather, at least here in Wisconsin, is dismal.  Yes, we are all happy it hasn't been as bad as last year, but really, that's all there is to say about it that is good.  Skiing and snowshoeing haven't even been options.  The holidays seem a long way away and so is spring.    I can spend long stretches in the winter where my best activity of the day was a nap.  It's easy to get stuck.  How to cope?

Plan and act.  This is my suggestion.  I've been planning my garden and I planted basil in 2 little pots indoors just to keep my gardening sanity.  Also I've been planning vacations for 2015.  Nothing gets me hopeful like looking at hiking days elevations in the guidebook and reading blogs online by people who have done the trail I'm entertaining.

What have you been stuck about?  I often hear from people who come in for a tour of the school that they've been thinking about massage school for years.  Is it time you finally check us out closely to decide whether to take the leap into massage school or not?  I'm always so happy for a student who makes the decision and gets started.  Their faces beam with the excitement of the possibilities!  

If you have been stuck about anything, including massage school, I encourage you to plan and act.  If you come in for a tour and a chance to meet us you are not committed to anything.  But you will have a lot more information to help you go in this direction or another.  Either way it feels good to move in the winter.
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January 26, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
Nothing Like a Clean Refrigerator
At the end of November my dear friend, Christine, asked for my advice.  She wanted to know my opinion of her becoming a Norwex consultant.  I said, "What is Norwex?"  Christine explained to me that recently she had been adding a new client to her house cleaning business and the client required her to only use Norwex products due to the client's allergies to cleaning chemicals.  Christine became enthusiastic about this company and their products because they made her job so much faster, easier, and healthier.  Christine switched over to Norwex for her entire business as well as all cleaning in her home.  Now she was considering becoming a consultant for them.  What did I think?

Well, maybe some of you remember my message about multilevel marketing awhile back.  Let's just say I am not a fan.  So I told Christine to check out who else is making products like this for less money (no one we found out.)  I also told her that she had one thing going for her already, you must love the products if you are going to sell them!  So, I said I'd be her first party and as a result, get some of these great products for myself to see what all the fuss is about. 

I must say I was not prepared to love cleaning products so much!  The basic cloth they sell is so revolutionary all by itself, I just can't believe it has made cleaning fun.  The Envirocloth is so much more fine than average microfiber cloths that it picks up practically everything and then there is a huge bonus on top of that:  it is embedded with microsilver which kills bacteria.  So it's really cleaning on a microscopic level and all you use is water with it!  We have dumped the chemical sanitizers at WSMT and we now use only water and the Envirocloth on each massage table.  It actually sanitizes better than the chemical we were using, keeping our clients healthier and preventing the staff and students from exposure to poisonous chemicals.

At home I have been picking 1 thing to clean each day.  My refrigerator was so gross I have had to pick a section for each day!  I wish I had taken a before picture, but that door up there in the picture hasn't been that sparkling in a long, long time!  This has been a great way to start off 2015, with a cleaner home.  It makes me feel great!

I recommend Norwex products (and I am not paid to do so,) please visit Christine's webpage  to learn more.

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February 2, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
Television Interview
Last week I was invited by organic cooking coach, K.C. Thorson, to be interviewed on her local cable cooking show, What's Cookin' with KC.  On the show she does a little cooking as well as some education in ways to stay healthy.  So an interview about massage seemed to fit in perfectly.

I was nervous and I have the cold sore to prove it and the video which shows me pretty stiff as a board, but I'm really glad I did it.  It was a lot of fun, good exposure for the school, and I got to eat at the end!

You can click on the photo at right to see the video or the link above.  Thanks for viewing!

February 9, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
Working Space
WSMT is humming in this new year.  I have been pressed into service as clinic supervisor on Wednesdays because we have classes going on all over our facility!  I work with some incredible people who do whatever they can to help students out.  Here is Robin working with 3 new students in our accelerated class.  She has converted her office into a classroom for them.

The main classroom is where Miriam is working with a group and my students are spread out into the treatment rooms with their clients.  It is really exciting to be at the school where every square foot is alive with activity!

If you haven't been in for a student massage, now is a good time.  We have many appointments coming up.  It's a great way to check out the school or to get a great price on a full hour massage ($20 for new clients, $30 thereafter.) Give us a call and we'll schedule it for you. 262-250-1276 or email at  

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February 16, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
Learning to Forget Calorie Counting
I pay attention to the latest research having to do with diet and its effects on weight control and overall health. This is because I have had a rocky relationship with food, weight control and overall health for almost my whole life. Although I haven’t been a binge eater or fad dieter for more than 20 years, I still struggle a lot with using food appropriately and as a result, being comfortable in my skin.

The article, So what IS the best way to lose weight?  by Dr. Sally Norton, a weight loss surgeon in the UK, sheds some light on the recent findings in successful weight loss. Read the whole excellent article, but the best for me comes at the end,
“The only solution I have found in many years of working in the weight-loss field is simply getting back to basics: make small but sustainable changes to your life that you can keep up for good… 
No fads, no magic pills….just small steps that you can make into life-long habits...
Focus on real food – that means avoiding anything processed wherever possible...
Focus on your health rather than your weight…and the pounds will come off, slowly but surely.” 

We now know that focusing on low-fat food, calorie counting, and low-quality food are counter-productive. The whole concept of a diet being something we “go on” implies we do it temporarily because it is not enjoyable and we plan to abandon it. Calorie counting is a big one for me. I am learning to ignore the numbers as I pay attention to when I am actually physically hungry, giving my body nutritious food to fuel it, and then stopping when I might have had enough, erring on the side of less, knowing I can eat more if I am actually hungry.

It is fascinating to me that dietary cholesterol and high, even saturated fat in foods are finally being debunked as factors in heart health and weight control. Make sure you read the sidebar about recent recommendation changes in cholesterol in the article above. Bring on the small, local farm eggs!  

Even the low-fat recommendations have done a 180 because we know that high quality fat is an essential nutrient for our health and for weight control. Low-fat products in the market are usually low quality, chemical-laden, and greatly altered from their natural full-fat counterparts. I know I feel better and maintain my weight more easily with good fat in my feed every day.

It is a process for all of us in the Western world to contend with the problem of too much food, too much poor quality food, and too little activity. I love Dr. Norton’s recommendation to get back to basics, make small sustainable changes and watch the body come back into health and balance. I wish you a sustained Happy New Year well past the 3 week resolution drop-off at the gym. Why not try a small change today!

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February 23, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
Book Budget
I found an idea in a business book I am reading that I thought would be fun to try with the staff at WSMT.  It's a book budget.  At our last coffee meeting, I told the staff that they each had $50 or so to spend this year on professional books that would become their personal property.  WSMT would foot the bill and the only requirement is that they read at least 1 chapter of the book and tell us a little about it at one of our coffee meetings.

Well, this was met with an enthusiastic response and books are already being ordered!  I love this idea because it encourages self-directed learning, builds good will between the organization and the employees, and brings the staff together around new topics in our field.   

There are lots of ways to waste money in running a business.  And then there are times to spend because the payoff to the business is right there or a very good investment.  This one is a no-brainer to me because it is both.  It's just another way to make teaching at WSMT a valued position.  This means a strong team who love to teach, who love to come to school, and who have deep and current knowledge from which to draw.  Our strong faculty is why we get consistent top marks in all exit surveys of our instructors.  Don't you love to work with excellence?    

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March 3, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
Wednesdays at WSMT
I have had the true pleasure of taking the running of the clinic over again on Wednesdays.  I have to chuckle when clients come in and say, "Who are you?"  My job has become much more behind-the-scenes now that I have an excellent staff of instructors and an assistant director.  In the beginning it was almost only me, so everyone knew me, though!

It has been a pleasure because I get to observe the current students performing massage work with real clients.  They are so new to it, yet so well trained.  I make comments on a note for each one and there are always glowing comments about their performance and also I look for little tips on improvement that my experience can offer.  It warms my heart when clients come out afterward beaming about how wonderful they feel.

We have a lot of appointments available, because this class is a big one.  If you haven't tried a student clinic appointment now is the time!  You will be amazed at the high quality massage you receive for such a good price.  For new clients, 1 whole hour on the massage table is only $20.  After that it's only $30!   Give us a call to schedule:  262-250-1276.  If you call on Wednesday most likely you will talk to me! 

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March 9, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
Staff Continuing Education
This past weekend 4 teaching staff members of WSMT traveled to Middleton Wisconsin for a weekend Precision Neuromuscular Therapy seminar with Doug Nelson.

Have you ever been able to spend time with a rock star of something and try to learn from them?  The challenge and reinforcement is so affirming!  It is also confirming that we all have a lot to learn.

Occasionally a student will say to me something like, "We're near the end of our training now, what else could there possibly be to learn?"  It is really hard not to laugh when I hear this.  I've been attempting to do this work since 1995 and I KNOW there is so much more to learn.  There is so much more I personally can get better at.  

People who are really excellent at what they do know they have a lot of learning to do and they pursue it.  People who think they are very competent and have mastered everything in their discipline are usually not the most excellent practitioners.  Isn't that a funny phenomenon?

Doug Nelson is, in my estimation, the very best there is.  He freely admits he has much to learn.  But because he has been doing this for more than 35 years, and all the while, he's been scouring the medical research, conducting research, and practicing with real clients who come in hurting, he has the skill to help other massage therapists get better too.  

You will not get prescriptive technique protocols from Doug.  He wants you to learn to be a better problem solver.  Each client is unique and your treatment should be uniquely designed for each of them.  This is a tall order, but so satisfying when you are able to help a client who is hurting.

Our staff had a great time together!  I was especially pleased to see 2 of our graduates in attendance.  WSMT does mostly attract students who want to truly excel at this.  It makes our jobs fun, because we know we are elevating the field with quality basic training. 

March 17, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
Scope of Practice and Stretching
​We teach and practice Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) developed by Aaron Mattes in our program. It is a very safe and effective stretching system. It is effective for clients during sessions, for clients to practice at home after they have learned it in a session, and for the therapists’ self-care.  

Sometimes students or graduates ask me if stretching is really in a massage therapists’ scope of practice. The answer is yes! Here is the law:

Wisconsin Massage Therapy Law Chapter 460

(3) “Manual action” includes holding, positioning, rocking,kneading, compressing, decompressing, gliding, or percussing the soft tissue of the human body or applying a passive range of motion to the human body without joint mobilization or manipulation.

(4) “Massage therapy” or “bodywork therapy” means the science and healing art that uses manual actions and adjunctive therapies
to palpate and manipulate the soft tissue of the human body in order to improve circulation, reduce tension, relieve soft tissue pain, or increase flexibility. “Massage therapy” or “bodywork
therapy” includes determining whether manual actions and adjunctive therapies are appropriate or contraindicated, or whether a referral to another health care practitioner is appropriate.
“Massage therapy” or “bodywork therapy” does not include making a medical, physical therapy, or chiropractic diagnosis.

In AIS we use holding and positioning to increase flexibility. So we use the manual actions of holding and positioning as defined in #3 in the law to increase flexibility as an outcome of massage therapy defined in #4 in the law.

Stretching is an important feature of high quality and personalized massage therapy work. Clients always appreciate learning some stretching that can extend the benefits of their massage as they practice it at home. 

March 23, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
​Yes, it IS snowing today.  The ground is all white again.  But I have an indoor garden bursting with life!  I've got kale, tomatoes, peppers, basil, and German chamomile all coming along nicely.  There are ways to keep the hope of spring alive while winter struggles to hold on!

By next month this time I'll be out in the garden raking and dividing like crazy to get ready for my annual plant sale.  The snow and cold win today, but they have a losing battle!

Students getting ready to start our night and day classes will often feel like it's going to be a long time before they graduate.  Many have been thinking about massage school for a very long time.  Once they start, however, they are astounded at how fast the program flies.  Before they know it they are facing graduation, licensure, and a whole new career helping people to feel better.  Just like the winter, the season of school passes by.  The only hitch is you have to sign up and begin!  Why not check out what we have to offer?

March 31, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
What We Uncover
The snowdrops are blooming!  I uncovered them in the garden yesterday.  It's amazing what is all going on under the blanket of leaves left from autumn, so many months ago.  I find good things like daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops.  I also find problems like gopher holes, bark that has been gnawed, and piles of deer skat.

Massage work is a little like uncovering the garden after a long winter.  In the garden I have landmarks I use to know where I am.  I look for the wire rings marking special plants, the rock borders of the beds, and the raised mounds indicating a struggling plant underneath.  In massage we work through the tissue layers to find the problems.  We have assessment techniques and we listen to the client describe concerns, and then we have the tissue itself to explore and treat.  There is a good deal of explorer in every skilled massage therapist!

Our favorite thing to find is the spot that gets the client saying, "Yes, that's it, that is the pain I've been having, you've found it!"  Then we know we've uncovered the prize.  

Have a bit of explorer in you?  Fascinated by the idea of puzzling out sources of people's pain?  Come join us, classes starting soon!

April 8, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
Bragging (Again!)
I've always said I don't suffer fools easily.  Maybe this is why I started my own business where I've surrounded myself with excellence.  I always love coming in to WSMT because fun and learning  happen together all the time.  But it's no accident, it's a direct result of our dedicated and very creative instructors.

The other day Miriam, one of our Theory & Practice instructors told me about her class.  To shake things up a bit and keep students interested she set up centers in the classroom.  Students worked with classmates at each center for a time, then they switched to a different task/area.  Students told her it was one of their favorite classes.  

Another day Miriam and Robin, another one of our T&P instructors, came to me to ask if we can get a roulette-type wheel.  They had several uses planned, from setting up review games to promotion ideas at our booth at the Washington County Fair.  They even figured out that my dad, who is handy with wood projects, could put it together for them!  It made a good project for my dad who got it banged out right away.  It will be in use at the school very soon.

The instructors at WSMT don't work with students because they want an easy job.  They love to teach!  They search for creative approaches to helping students attain and retain their learning because they care about our students.  We all work together as a team to constantly improve the WSMT experience for our students.  Our instructors consistently earn high marks in exit surveys from students who benefit from and appreciate the effort they put in. 

Do you want to get the opportunity to work with these excellent instructors?  Come join us, classes starting soon!

April 15, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
Are Carrots Really Good for Your Eyes?
I remember as a kid crunching on carrots and repeating the "known fact" that carrots are good for your eyes.  This past winter I took up some outdoor activities that took me outside at night where I was having trouble focusing my eyes.  After a check at the eye doc clearing me of any medical problem, I was told that the cold, dry air probably affected my eyes' ability to focus.  Eye drops for moisture were recommended, but I got to wondering about that old adage about carrots and the eyes.

Could I adjust my diet to help support my eyes?  Was it even true that carrots did anything for the eyes?  

Here's what I found on WebMD:   

Myth?  Eating Carrots Will Improve Your Vision
Fact: Carrots are high in vitamin A, a nutrient essential for good vision. reports that carrots are good for eyes but there are other foods that provide good eye nutrients as well:
  • Leafy Greens for their zeaxanthin
  • Eggs for their zeaxanthin and zinc
  • Berries & Citrus for the vitamin C
  • Almonds for the vitamin E
  • Fatty Fish for the DHA, a fatty acid found in the retina (low levels of which have been linked to dry eye syndrome)

This experience reinforced for me that everything that goes into my mouth has an effect on the functioning of my body.  I can make choices that support and strengthen my bodies health or I can make choices that drag down and weaken the system.  Here's lookin' at you while I chomp on my carrots!

April 22, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
Intake Importance
Students at WSMT learn to listen to clients when they come in.  We do an intake form for medical information, but we also spend a little time talking to clients about how they feel right now.  Our goal is to discover each client's goal for this particular hour of massage work and then to meet that goal.

The intake form and interview also allow us to determine the safety of massage for each client.  Our Pathology class prepares students to match up appropriate massage work for individual clients' physical needs.  Sometimes this means using heat or not.  Sometimes we can work with a client, but not with one area of the body like their feet.  Other times pressure needs to be adjusted for fragile bones or inflamed joints.  The clinic gives students lots of practice listening to clients' stories; sometimes the most therapeutic thing we do, this listening. 

High quality massage work is multi-dimensional.  It is physical work, for sure, but it is so much more than that.  It is fundamentally personal and fine-tuned to each individual client.  The intake interview helps us to achieve this.  It's one part of our jobs we all love! 


May 3, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
Healthy Ice Cream
Have you heard about the new studies on emulsifiers?  The National Institutes of Health is reporting that common food additives can cause chronic disease in the digestive system.  Did you also know that commercially made ice creams are commonly made with these chemicals to alter the texture?  They often also include propylene glycol which is a main component of antifreeze.  Yes, the same chemical you pour into your car's engine is put into ice cream!  This keeps it from freezing rock hard as natural ice cream does.

So for the protection of my gut I've taken to creating my own natural ice cream.  It's so easy I wonder why I ever bothered with buying it!  It tastes great AND contributes to my health instead of detracting from it.  That's what I call bang for my buck. 

Read this whole list to assemble the needed items.  Here is what I do:

1.  Peel a bunch of bananas.  Put them in a pile on a plate.  Cut through them all at once to make 1-inch pieces.  Slide the whole plateful of pieces into a ziplock bag.  Flatten and freeze.

2.  Buy or freeze other fruit if you want.  I like to stock up on the organic frozen berries at Aldi.  Also buy a stick blender if you don't have one and some kind of tall, somewhat narrow container.

3.  Obtain superfood powders to mix in if desired.  See books by Julie Morris about superfoods.  She is quite inspirational!

4.  Put a handful of frozen bananas and other fruit in the tall container.  Add 1/2 - 1 Cup canned coconut milk (or organic cow's milk, or other nut milk) and a little water.  You will have to play with the proportions.  Start with less, you can always add more.  

5.  With blender on lowest setting, chop everything up.  Add sweetener (I like a little stevia powder, but maple syrup, local honey, or date sugar are all good too), superfood powders (hemp, spirulina, chlorella, maca, maqui, acai, camu, lucuma, cacao, mequite, flax, chia, etc.), and any spices you might want to try like cinnamon, 5-spice powder, ginger, vanilla, etc. Do you get the picture that the flavors can vary so much you'll never get bored?

6.  Blend well, scoop out and enjoy!  (I like flax and chia as toppers on mine, Bill likes them mixed into his.)

Note:  This won't work in a standard blender which requires too much liquid to mix.  But if that's all you have, add the liquid and make it a smoothie instead!   I get my superfoods primarily at

May 11, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
The Word Is Out
​We've learned over the years that advertising for a massage school doesn't work that well.  We've tried print ads in a variety of publications, direct mail ads, and radio ads.  The response is always disappointing because we're not selling something cheap and easy.  We're selling a new way of life.  Quality massage work is a life of service and of giving to others who need our skills.  This is a big decision.

So, no, advertising doesn't work well.  We had to be patient and let our reputation grow.  We had to invest in our community with time and money.  We had to always focus on improvement and refinement of our curriculum every time we learned of new scientific developments.  We had to care about each and every student who comes into our organization and places their education in our hands.

The word is out.  About half of our new students found out about us from a graduate or client of the school.  I hear stories all the time that warm my heart, word-of-mouth stories I couldn't begin to buy as advertising.  And then I even hear stories from people we don't even know...

Like the other day when a friend said he met a massage therapist at some event and when he told him he knows the director of WSMT the MT stated, "That's the best school around."  My friend said, "Oh, did you go there?,"  to which the MT said, "No, but I should have."  

It's humbling and encouraging.  I don't know if we're the best school around, but striving for that will always be our goal.

Miriam Mitchell's Channel 10 Great TV Auction Donation
May 19, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
Why is Business Class Part of Massage School?
​All professional massage therapy programs in the state of Wisconsin include business education.  Why is this?  It's because once you have the MT license you can either start your own business or become an employee for an existing provider of massage services.  Either scenario comes with somewhat different considerations.  

It's good to explore how to write a resumé and interview in the massage world even if you have done this many times in other industries.  It's also good to develop an understanding of what it takes to start and build a massage practice of your own.  Many people start massage school with a clear goal to do one or the other of these.  Some people don't know which they'll do.  Business class helps you decide where to start.  I always tell students to keep an open mind, because often what they think they will want changes completely by the end of the program.  

A little education goes a long way!  

I come in as a guest speaker to tell the story of creating my own massage business. I like to encourage those in the class thinking along these lines because it can feel like a daunting goal. It does place all the jobs on you and there are a lot of jobs: advertiser, housekeeper, launderer, scheduler, receptionist, promoter, massage therapist. On the other hand, when you invest the time, effort, and money to start and grow a massage business it’s all yours!  

The talk I give also fleshes out the difficulties and risk-taking of a business owner, maybe making those interested in being an employee a little more appreciative of pay and working conditions in a place where all they have to do is show up and perform massage work.

Owning a business isn’t for everyone and it doesn’t always get the respect it deserves. For example, in past government counting reports, self-employed massage graduates were not even counted as employed at all! And when we had one of the local employers come in to talk awhile back she claimed that you make more money being an employee vs. owning your own business in massage. Well, when scrutinizing her numbers we noticed no tips listed for business owners as well as unreasonable expenses. Yes, one has to run a business well with a strong grasp on the flows of income and expenses, but it is possible to make more money owning your own business. With 27.9 million small businesses in the U.S. generating over 65% of the net new jobs since 1995 and over 50% of the working population (120 million individuals) working in a small business, I applaud individuals who want to take advantage of the freedom we have in the U.S. to own a business. 

May 29, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
Skull Painting - What's That?!
​We have developed a new continuing education class through a happy accident.  Robin Wenninger, our Assistant Director, asked me to get her a skull model with the individual bones colored differently so it would be more clear to students when she taught this.  I ordered one and it came with bones colored inaccurately or incompletely!

To fix it I brought in some paint and brushes.  Robin fixed it up and then she said, "It was fun and even I learned some new things by doing the painting."  Well, that gave me pause and I realized we had just stumbled upon a wonderful way to learn the anatomy of the skull.

So we had to research prices of blank skulls and other materials.  We now have a supply and the class plan is coming together!  Participants will receive a certificate for 4 hours of Wisconsin approved continuing education AND their very own painted skull to take along and display in their offices.

Artistic skill is not necessary at all, but those who enjoy being creative can definitely do whatever they want to delineate each bone!  We will paint, label, and palpate.  It will be a really fun and truly enlightening skull experience!

See our Continuing Education page for all the details!

June 5, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
Congratulations to the Doctor in the House!
​We are so proud of Sheryl Scott, one of our Pathology instructors, for earning her Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree in Nursing from Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee, where she serves as assistant professor of nursing and the chair of the nursing program.  Sheryl has been with us many years and we have cheered her on as she dedicated herself to demanding work at the College, actually being part of setting up the nursing program there AND working on her Doctorate.  Sometimes she was doing online work in one of our treatment rooms before teaching our massage students.  Another time she left us for a leave to complete the work.  She is back and she is smarter than ever!

Congratulations to you, Sheryl!

June 17, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
MACC Fund Trek 100
​We had our largest crew ever at the annual MACC Fund Trek 100 Bicycle Event June 6th.  At one point I counted 20 massage tables in full swing, so many we overflowed our tent and we had to ask clients if they minded receiving their treatment in full sun on the lawn!  This event is a favorite of ours.  It helps to raise money for childhood cancers research and gives us practice with sports massage.  

Bicyclists who complete the routes (19, 36, 63, or 100 miles) get treated to a variety of perks, massage being one of them.  One rider told us he does this ride every year because of WSMT's massages!

​This is one of the great learning experiences we coordinate to cement your classroom work.  Why not join us in time to participate next June?

June 22, 2015
Message from the Director - Mary McCluskey
Coaching of Body Mechanics
​"Don't your hands get sore?"  If I've heard this once, I've heard it a million times, it seems.  The perception is that massage work is terribly hard on the massage therapist's body.  The reality is that it shouldn't be.

Our high quality teaching not only demonstrates correctly how to do this work, but we make sure students are coached on it as they practice.  It is easy to show someone how to do this and then to walk away while they practice.  We are passionate about our graduates doing this safely so we do not  walk away!

High quality massage work is performed with the whole body of the therapist, from feet to hands.  Positioning of the pelvis, foot placement, transfer of weight, even relaxing the face are all attended to.  New students are often surprised at how much is involved, but they are often pleased, too, at how learning this changes for the better how they vacuum and garden too!

Here's the secret side-benefit:  perfect body mechanics produces a markedly better massage.  Clients can tell every time for any stroke which was done with the mechanics correct.  They always say it feels better.  So it is a win-win!  Doing this work correctly is better for everybody!  Come let us show you and you will be doing this comfortably for as long as you want.