Program Catalog
Please note that this website version of the catalog has the most current information about our program.

Program Outline
The Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy provides a program of 630 in-class, live supervised instructional hours. 

The Program Includes:  
204 hours Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Kinesiology                        
318 hours Massage Theory and Practice
50 hours Professional Career Development
8 hours CPR and First Aid
50 hours Student Clinic

Course Descriptions:
Anatomy/Physiology for Massage Therapists 
72 hours
Here students will learn about body organization, anatomical terminology, and the systems of the body.  A general orientation to the healthy human body sets the stage for understanding musculo-skeletal work.

80 hours
This course helps students gain an awareness of how the body moves by learning the specific muscle and bone anatomy.  Material is thoroughly presented and learned through multiple modes especially through palpation of body tissues.  

52 hours
Massage therapists are in direct contact with a multitude of varied clients’ bodies.  In this class students learn how to work safely and effectively with many medical conditions.   

Massage Theory and Practice
318 hours
Students will learn to:
•communicate with clients by learning their medical backgrounds, expectations for a massage session, empathetic listening, and obtaining feedback.
•create a treatment plan based on the client’s history, expectations, postural analysis, past massage/chiropractic experiences, and doctor’s recommendations.
•develop, organize, and manage a client session.
•keep accurate client records to document work accomplished and planned work for the future.
•apply appropriate techniques using hands, fingers, thumbs, elbows, forearms, and hand-held tools.
•develop palpation skills and knowledge of anatomy of the muscles and bones simultaneously.
•self-assess, utilize self-care, and use good biomechanics.
•set appropriate boundaries with clients.
•use thermal therapies to supplement massage.
•use Contemporary Western Massage techniques as well as Therapeutic Massage techniques as needed by clients.
•use Sports Massage techniques to enhance athletic performance.
•do a basic routine of chair massage as well as some advanced therapeutic techniques to use with clients in the workplace. 
•use Active Isolated Stretching both with clients and as self-care.
•design sessions for special populations.

Students will be expected to complete at least 1 hour of massage practice outside of school hours as homework each week.  Additionally, there will be typical assignments of reading and writing associated with class work.

Students are required to perform two 60 minute massages for instructors; one before student clinic begins and the second prior to the last month of their program.  These massages are scheduled outside of class time.  Any instructor massages completed in the last month of a school program will be considered late and assessed a $40 fee.

Professional Career Development  
50 hours
Students need to learn the basics of business practices relevant to the practice of massage therapy.  Business basics such as advertising, money management, and interviewing are some of the topics covered here.  In addition, students will learn the law as it applies to massage therapy in Wisconsin and how to deal with various ethical situations which arise in the massage practice.

CPR and First Aid
8 hours
​Since massage therapists are healthcare workers and could see a situation needing emergency procedures, certification classes in CPR and First Aid are required in massage training. Students who have current certifications in these disciplines with documentation showing they are current at the time of graduation may waive this class. Students may also opt to take these classes elsewhere if they provide proof of having done so. Taking these classes at WSMT require additional payment directly to the providers; approximately $100 for both.

Student Clinic
50 hours
About halfway into the program students will work with the public in the offices at the school.  Instructors will supervise their work by observing and conferring with students afterward.  This is an important step in helping the student gain confidence and competence in working with previously unknown people.  It will also provide a valuable service to residents of the surrounding communities.  The nominal clinic fees collected by the school help to keep tuition low.  The last 10 hours of clinic is for practice of therapeutic techniques at the end of the program.  WSMT graduates are often invited back for complimentary therapeutic clinic massages.  Please be aware that students are expected to work with people in the clinic of all ages, races, sexes, and conditions (when appropriate for massage work) and that any clinic absences must be made up at a later time/date as arranged with the instructor.  As a great help to gaining meaningful employment, WSMT provides a personalized Final Clinic Evaluation document for each graduate which can be included with applications and resumes.  Employers appreciate this endorsement by the school of each graduate we are sending into the field. 

Grading Scale
The following grades are given for work completed at Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy, Inc. Therapy, Inc.:

Excellent 93-100%  =  A
Very Good 85-92%    =  B
Satisfactory 75-84%    =  C
Unsatisfactory  Below 75%    =  F

This work includes homework, class work, quizzes, exams, and practical bodywork.  Students must maintain at least a C average in their work.  In addition, all exams and bodywork scores below C must be redone once to achieve at least a C.  The fee for retaking an exam or bodywork test is $40.00.  Retakes must be scheduled as an appointment with the instructor within 2 weeks of the original test.  Students who do not achieve at least a C on a retake will have the higher of the two scores averaged into their overall grade.  Students who fail to appear for the testing appointments will fail the exam and will be charged the retake fee.  Instructors will work with students to help them make tutoring arrangements if needed.  Tutoring fees are $40.00 per hour and are the responsibility of the student. Progress reports will be issued monthly.

Student records will be kept permanently by the school.  They are accessible to students by appointment only, and to authorized school personnel. The school maintains confidentiality by keeping the records locked.  Students may obtain transcripts for the completed program with all tuition paid in full by sending $20.00 with a request in writing.  

Potential students should also know that conviction of a felony or misdemeanor may have implications for Wisconsin Licensing as a Massage Therapist. The Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services may deny or limit the application to become a Wisconsin Licensed Massage Therapist if it finds that the applicant has been convicted of an offense, the circumstances of which substantially relate to the practice of massage therapy.

Code of Student Conduct
The Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy, Inc. expects that students preparing for a professional career will conduct themselves in a professional manner while in school.  This includes treating students and instructors with respect, handling problems calmly, using appropriate language, being honest in their work, and avoiding anything which interferes with the learning of others.  In addition, students are expected to come to school clean, with short nails, rested/ready to work, and wearing appropriate dress for professional massage work (see dress codes below).  Students should not come to school while sick, nor under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Smoking, chewing tobacco, and electronic cigarettes are not allowed in the school building nor on the school grounds.  No cologne or scent is allowed. All table linens used at the school must be sanitized with unscented products.  In addition, the use of personal electronic devices during class time is prohibited except for rare emergency family situations. Videography and recording of classes is prohibited.  

Dress Codes – WSMT reserves the right to send inappropriately dressed students home for the day, counted as an absence. If you are in doubt about your clothing, bring another set for the instructor to approve to avoid dismissal for the day.

Dress Code for Class
Standard fit scrubs pants and top, or khaki-type pant or clean, not faded nor ragged jeans with short-sleeved shirt top with high neckline. Undergarments are required and should be covered. Undergarments must hide private body areas including nipples, breast/buttock cleavage, and genitalia. Also allowed are khaki shorts covering at least half the thigh. Shoes should be clean sport or sturdy/comfortable street shoes. Sport sandals with backs are allowed. Feet must be covered. Not allowed: yoga pants, leggings, sleeveless tops, tops or pants with big bold graphics/statements, flip flop-style shoes, heeled dress shoes, caps/hats. All jewelry on the hands/wrists/arms and any jewelry that hangs down low enough to touch the client must be removed. Valuables should not be brought to WSMT. WSMT takes no responsibility for loss of student valuables if brought to school.

Dress Code for Clinic
Clean, standard fit scrubs pants and top with shoes and jewelry as described above. No cologne or scent is allowed.  In addition, all table
 linens used at the school must be sanitized with unscented products.

Attendance Policy
Students are expected to attend all class hours.  They may be absent for illness or pressing family matters only.  Students are expected to notify the school if they are going to be absent.  They may be absent 16 hours only over the course of the program.  All missed clinic hours must be made up whether they fall within the 16 absent hours or not. If a student is absent more than 24 hours he/she may be dismissed from the program.  Any time missed must be made up within a week by the student in coordination with the instructor.  This may mean coming to school more times than the regular days and/or traveling to other locations where an instructor is working.  If the instructor must spend extra time with the student to make up the information missed, the student will be assessed a $40.00 per hour fee due at the time of make-up.  Students who fail to keep make up times and/or who fail to pay the fee may be dismissed. 

All classes will start on time and students are expected to be present and ready to participate at the appointed starting time. Tardiness will result in minutes missed counted as absence. Teachers record any minutes missed from class time in students’ grade record and these contribute to any absence time.

Students are expected to complete the course of study in the appropriate time.  Cases of leave of absence involving serious illness or family hardship will be determined on an individual basis.  Students who need a leave of absence should meet with the Director to make arrangements. Leaves of absence involve breaking from the current class and joining another class at a later date. WSMT requires all leaves of absence be completed so that the student graduates within 1 year of their original graduation date.

Students are expected to notify the school if they intend to withdraw from the program.  Any student who fails to attend school for 5 consecutive days without communication is assumed to be withdrawn.  

Cancellation of classes due to weather may occur.  It is the student’s responsibility to check their messages and/or local media to find out if class has been cancelled.  Additional days would be added near the end of the program if cancellation is necessary.

Probation, Dismissal and Re-admittance
Students who have an average grade below C or 75% will be considered to be on academic probation.  As soon as the student’s average grade reaches C or 75% the student is no longer on academic probation.  Students who are on academic probation and continue to fail one more month may be dismissed from the program.   Clients who seek massage therapy deserve a therapist who has the knowledge necessary to perform the tasks well.  Students unable to meet this requirement are probably not suited to massage therapy as a profession.  This experience will give the student a better opportunity to find his/her true vocation.

Students who do not follow the Code of Student Conduct outlined above will be asked to leave for the day.  Make up of missed work will be the student’s responsibility.  If extra instructor time is necessary for the student’s make up the fee is $40.00 per hour to be paid at the time of the make-up.  Any student asked to leave more than once may be dismissed from the program. In addition, any student who engages in illegal activity on school grounds is subject to immediate dismissal.  The student may appeal by writing a letter of apology and asking to be reinstated.  The student may be reinstated at the discretion of the director.  Any student who is dismissed may reapply for admission for the next term.  Fees will apply.

Grievance Policy
We recommend that students who have concerns or complaints about other students, the faculty or administrative procedures should first talk to the person with whom they have concern.  If resolution cannot be achieved, WSMT would like the student to talk to the director, Manda Johnson.  In addition, students may always submit their written complaint to:

Department of Safety and Professional Services – Educational Approval Program, P.O. Box 8366, 4822 Madison Yards Way, Madison, WI 53705;; [email protected]; (608) 266-1996. 

Full Time and Part Time Status
Full time evening class is 2 nights per week and 3 Saturday sessions per month for approximately 14 months.  Full time day class is 2 full days per week for approximately 10 months.  Please see our calendars for full details.

Part time means the student takes science classes (Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology) the first year (1 night per week in the night class for 30 weeks and ½ day in the day class for 30 weeks.)  The second year the student takes the rest of the course.

Attaining Wisconsin State Licensure
Students of WSMT prepare to take the MBLEx given by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards.  Students can apply for and schedule the exam any time they feel ready.  WSMT helps students with this process by guiding students through the registration.  Students must apply for Wisconsin state licensure and complete a computerized test covering the state laws pertaining to massage work before graduation.  WSMT helps students with this process by providing the paperwork and guidance for applying.  State law requires proof of passing the statutes test to graduate from massage school.  Graduates may also apply for a 6-month temporary license from the state which allows them to work under supervision while preparing for their national exam.

Employment Assistance Services
The school maintains a general employment file at the school where we place information prospective employers send us about their job openings. We do not make specific referrals to prospective employers, the general employment file is available during our office hours for any massage therapist looking for employment. WSMT does not guarantee employment.      
Thank you 
Thank you for your interest in the Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy! We look forward to engaging you in dynamic and practical education in massage therapy.   We are constantly improving as we evaluate our programs as a result of analysis of our student exit surveys, implementation of our yearly institutional plan and the staff’s own continuing education.  We hope you join us for an exciting learning journey!  Feel free to call or email us with any questions you have about our program.  We will happily answer your questions and offer you a tour of the school.  In addition, arrangements may be made to have you observe a current class to give you an even better feel for the massage school environment.  You are also welcome to contact us to have a paper copy of the catalog sent to you.

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"How is everything going? I really miss WSMT! I've recently been applying to fitness centers and chiropractic clinics in the Milwaukee area. There are plenty of wonderful opportunities out there, just like you said, and I have several interviews set up for the upcoming weeks. I look forward to hearing from you and I hope all is well at school. Thanks, Mary."

Rheane, 2011 Graduate