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Quotes & Photos - Consistent Excellence for Years
We send our graduates out with heartfelt congratulations!  We wish the very best for them as they step out into the exciting world of professional massage work!
Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy

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Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy
N112 W15237 Mequon Road Suite 400
Germantown, WI  53022

Loved this school!
Easton, 2016

The teachers/school were wonderful!  I would definitely recommend this school.  I enjoyed the small classes.
Jenn, 2016

Everyone was great.  Very understanding.
Jennifer, 2016

WSMT enforces great body mechanics that are important for a long, successful career.
Laura, 2016

(I would recommend WSMT to prospective students.)  Yes - great staff and I feel well prepared for the MBlex (national exam).  Miriam is awesome - great how she shares her stories about what we might encounter in the real world.  Thank you for giving me the tools to launch a successful career as a massage therapist.
Kathy, 2016

The teachers are amazing people!!  I'm going to miss them!
Sarah, 2016

Loved the hands-on learning.
Sam, 2016

(In Anatomy & Physiology class) - liked having to take notes, kept me engaged, helped me learn.  Loved clinic, learned a lot and had times where I had to "upend" what I thought I was going to do during a session.  I felt every moment was well spent since my coursework became accelerated.  Miriam is a great teacher, has lots of interesting stories related to massage!
Deborah, 2016

(Did the educational program meet your expectations?)  Yes, plus a million. 
Carissa, 2016

Words can't describe how I feel. I can't believe I've come this far! This is the greatest achievement in my life. Thank you all for the support and love ! 
I DID IT !!!!!!! ITS OFFICIAL !!!!

(Anatomy & Physiology) was my biggest challenge but Lisa was very accommodating to my learning needs.  Miriam rocks (Theory & Practice) class, it was always fun and educational at the same time.  She really presents the material well.
Kelly, 2017

The instructors were amazing and really made this program and the content interesting.  They were always willing to answer questions and make sure we had what we needed to do our best work.
Sara, 2017

(Business Class) Robin made it a fun class.
(Clinic) Got me excited about the future.
(Overall) It was a lot of hard (work) but worth it because  was always excited to come back!  I always had a good time.
Yaryna, 2017

The program exceeded my expectations.  More material was covered than I thought.  (I was) very satisfied with the school!  I would absolutely recommend this school to others.
Angel, 2017

Loved the accelerated program.
Alicia, 2018

(Anatomy & Physiology)  At first I thought it was awful and that I'd never get it, however the system works.  I wouldn't change it.
Patricia, 2018

Clinic was the best part of school.  It made me feel extremely comfortable and confident working with clients.  Keep up the good work!  WSMT is a great school with a wonderful staff.
Chiquita, 2018

(Anatomy & Physiology class) While intense in pace (accelerated class schedule), I do feel it was the best pace.  
Tricell, 2018

It is hard to make business interesting, but Robin is an amazing instructor and helped make this class easier to get through.  I'm very happy I chose this school.
Jennifer, 2018

(Did the educational program meet your expectations?)  Yes, I learned a lot about anatomy & kinesiology.
Andrea, 2018

We love you Miriam!!  You are the best teacher a class could ask for!!
Carissa, 2018

I think I can speak for the other two, we feel the same way, Miriam!  We couldn't have been more lucky/blessed to have you as our teacher and now friend.
Beth, 2018

Recommendations?  None.  Very informative, easy to learn (very much one-on-one teacher attention).
Jamie, 2018

(Rating 10 on a 1-5 scale) - I would recommend WSMT to prospective students.
Megan, 2018

"Mary, thank you for taking a risk with our tiny class.  This year was hard but amazing."
Megan and Jamie

I loved going to school here, the classmates & teachers were all so inviting.  I'm so glad the classmates and I got so close.  They feel like another family.  I was comfortable and we were helping each other!
Caylie, 2018

I am so happy I came to school here.  I felt comfortable from the beginning and Robin was an amazing teacher.
Kayla, 2018

Did the program meet your expectations?  "It went beyond my hopes of a good class."
Ricky, 2018

Couldn't have had better instructors, curriculum, and support.  I am well-prepared for the outside world.  The curriculum was perfect and timed out well that we weren't rushing or spending too much time on a topic.  I was well-prepared for the national exam (passed before graduating) and am more than ready to start practicing with confidence.  (Satisfied with the school?)  Absolutely, great instructors, exciting environment, very informative.
Jacob, 2018