WSMT Offers Professional Massage Work

Call our therapists to book a massage appointment:

Miriam Mitchell - 414-630-5855
Robin Wenninger - 262-627-0400
Mary McCluskey - 262-366-1840

Prices for Professional Therapists:

Please note these appointments are for the full amount of time on the massage table.  A 60 minute appointment means you will receive massage work for a full 60 minutes.

60 minute appointment - $60
30 minute appointment - $35
90 minute appointment - $110
Travel fee for outcalls   -  $25 
Chair massage per hour - $65 per therapist
Cupping treatment add -  $10
Gift Certificates Available
We accept cash, check made out to WSMT, or credit/debit cards with a 3% added fee. 

Miriam Mitchell, BA, WLMT, CHC is a professional massage therapist, certified health coach and a main massage instructor here at WSMT. Miriam enjoys providing relaxation massage, therapeutic bodywork for pain issues, hot stone therapy, as well as on-site chair massage for local businesses and events. Miriam also enjoys working with clients who want to boost their success with incorporating healthy habits into their lives through health coaching.   See information to the right about how to get started with a coach to get healthier at WSMT. 

Robin Wenninger, WLMT, and Certified Clinical Aromatherapist is a professional massage therapist on staff, assistant director as well as one of our main instructors. Robin specializes in relaxation massage, therapeutic work for pain relief, hot stone therapy, and chair massage. She enjoys working to relieve the stresses of everyday life with whichever massage modality you need. Clients love to relax under her soothing touch. Robin also provides aromatherapy consultation alone or in addition to a massage appointment for a $25 fee. Including the healing properties of pure essential oils skillfully chosen and applied enhances everything Robin does for her clients.

Mary McCluskey, MA, WLMT, CHC is director of the school, a professional massage therapist, and certified health coach at WSMT.  She has a full roster of massage clients, but helps out when needed with chair massage events and doctor-referred cases.  In addition, Mary has begun taking clients for personal health coaching.  See information at the right to get started to a new you!  Want to lose weight, get stronger, improve a health condition?  Whatever your goals Mary wants to help you feel better right now!

Chair Massage Available to Businesses through WSMT

WSMT has massage therapists on staff as well as many contacts with massage therapists in the area to provide chair massage at your business as needed.  Chair massage is a great way to increase worker productivity and care for workers with neuromuscular conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome or to prevent these conditions altogether.  Therapists come into your workplace with specially designed massage chairs which allow workers to step away from their work for 5-20 minutes and receive a massage while remaining fully clothed.  We can come one time for a special event (worker thank you events, wellness fests, secretaries' day, etc.) or on an ongoing basis.  Fees can be paid by the workers, the company, or as a combination.  Call the school and leave us your contact information for further details!

Student Clinic Massage - Students Working Under Supervision

We have 1-hour sessions available with students on a limited basis as determined by student scheduling and progress in the program.  Prices are $20 for new clients and $30 thereafter.  For clinic massages we accept cash or check made out to WSMT. Call the school for current scheduling possibilities.  262-250-1276

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Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy

Health Coaching Program Choices 
​Currently offered by our Director, Mary McCluskey
262-366-1840 to schedule 
and by our instructor, Miriam Mitchell414-630-5855 to schedule

Wellness Restoration 

Initial Consultation - $49
30-minute check-in to look at your current state, concerns, and health goals. Set up your plan for success!

Coaching Engagement
2 months - $229 each month 
4 months - $219 each month ($50 discount if all months paid in full the first day)
6+ months - $199 each month ($100 discount if all months paid in full the first day)

Meet with us twice per month for up to an hour to get your questions answered, help with your progress, and handle challenges. Contact us for advice on recipes, restaurant menus, food choices, exercise progress, motivation, you name it! Texts/emails/Facebook responses within 24 hours. Participation in 2 additional section items outlined below per month included.  

Inform Yourself – Groups and Individual

Clearing the Food Confusion Class – $149, series of 4 sessions
Reading food labels, understanding nutrients, real food vs. commercially processed food products, organic food, simple additions/changes to make foods healthier.

Grocery Shopping Tour - $49 (individual $99)
Join us in a jaunt through a grocery store to zero in on the foods that are most beneficial for your health. Learn how to confidently sail past the products that produce disease and dysfunction in the human body. Discover tips and tricks to stop wasting time, money and health at the grocery store.

Home Kitchen Scout - $99, 90-minute individual appointment at your home (within 35 miles of WSMT, add $25 for up to 75 miles)
Allow us to give you a fresh start in your kitchen! We’ll clear the clutter of unhealthy foods and get you set up for success in the kitchen. Your cooking will come alive once you have what you need to whip up tasty food that makes you and your family feel good.

Healthy Cooking - $149, rotating series of 3 group classes (individual $129, per session in your home)
1.Soups, both fast/easy and longer.
2.Salads, green and warm additions.
3.What about snacks?
4.Desserts that satisfy.
5.Vegetables you will like!
6.Powerhouse foods.
7.Kids in the kitchen.
And more!

Success Set Up 

Walking Club - $100 for 10 sessions 
Get together with others for a group tramp with a leader who will help you to challenge yourself while getting stronger and more mobile. Groups are forming for different levels starting from WSMT or other convenient location. Hiking outings will also be planned!

Weight Management Club - $50 for 10 sessions
Come meet with others who are on the same path to feeling better. Benefit from the great encouragement that can come from working through challenges alongside others who can cheer you on!  Mondays 6:00-7:00.  Let Mary know you are coming:  
262-366-1840 or

Individual Assistance - $49 per hour
Do you have specific concerns that may make you stumble? Maybe you want to buy a bicycle, but you have no experience with buying exercise equipment. Or you really want to join a fitness club, but walking through the doors alone is too much. Whatever your situation, we are here walk beside you and help you figure it all out.

Corporate or Group Options
Any of the above services can be incorporated into your corporate wellness program! We can also fulfill speaking engagements designed to inform, motivate, kickoff, and/or sustain momentum for any wellness initiatives.  Contact us to discuss your needs so we can tailor a program just for you and your colleagues.  

​We accept cash, check made out to WSMT, or credit/debit cards with a 3% added fee. 

Get Healthy at WSMT!