To meet the need for properly trained massage therapists the Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy was founded in 2002 by Wisconsin Licensed Massage Therapist and Wisconsin Licensed Educator, Mary A. McCluskey. With a Bachelor's degree in Education and a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction, Mary has combined her real world experience in education with her passion for massage therapy to offer a practical education solution for those whose dream it is to enter this exciting field. 

WSMT's program is a well-grounded blending of academic and technical learning that covers everything from the sciences to different methods of massage. Our program ensures you have the solid core of basics necessary to begin your career.  Massage is our school's whole focus, it is what we are specialized in.  We don’t believe in lengthening this basic program with many more hours because you will have many opportunities as a professional massage therapist to take continuing education classes. These classes will be much better chosen and absorbed by you later with the solid basics we offer as your base of understanding. With a concise program offering over 600 classroom hours of curriculum, WSMT offers the best program in Wisconsin where you are working in school with our professional instructors for customized coaching and guidance.  At WSMT you are an individual learner and we work diligently to meet your needs.

Our graduates are so well prepared they easily find jobs in the area.  Some of the employers of our graduates are:  Eden Day Spa, Healing Elements, Elements, Massage Envy, Hand & Stone, and In Excelsis Day Spa.   Many of our graduates also decide to open their own practice.  Here are a few websites of graduates:

​Nefertiti Cosmic Healing
Be Balanced Bodywork 
Kismet Massage 
Relaxing Relief Massage
At East Massage Therapy
Tranquil Paradise Massage & Wellness

Being a massage therapist gives you a lot of flexibility in work environments. You can be an employee, an independent contractor, a sole proprietor, or a spa owner who employs others!  You can work full-time, part-time, days, evenings or weekends.  You can make massage therapy fit into your lifestyle in many ways. 

We would love to meet you and to discuss your future as a massage therapist! There are many different avenues open to professional practitioners and this is just your first step. Simply contact us through email or by telephone (262-250-1276) to have a catalog sent to you or to set up an appointment to tour the school. We even encourage potential students to sit in on a class to get a feel for our environment and to make sure it is a good fit.

Why Choose WSMT for Your School?
WSMT is a small school providing training for 4-6 classes per year with a maximum of 12 students per class.  WSMT is focused only on the highest quality professional massage therapy training.  This affords the students enormous benefits such as:

  • Greater teacher attention.  In the beginning, especially when new therapists are developing their skills, focused teacher attention is essential.

  • Excellent teacher retention.  Our teachers have such pleasant teaching conditions that we have an incredible teacher retention rate. Our staff has been with us for years.  These teaching conditions are created by small class sizes, a consistent and consecutive curriculum which is easy to follow, and freedom in teaching decisions.  These aspects of teaching at WSMT are conducive to learning and are of intentional design.  In addition, WSMT keeps our teachers updated with the latest research and techniques by sending them to training workshops every year.

  • ​Massage therapy is all we do.  It is our specialty which allows us to focus on bringing you the most current curriculum using the best methods for your learning.  We are interested in making school a purposeful and enjoyable experience for you because we know that is how you will learn best.  You won't find pop-quizzes, busy work, or disrespectful attitudes at WSMT.

  • No teacher assistants.  Our classes are so small we do not need inexperienced volunteer assistants (recent graduates) for our teachers.  When classes near the size limit of 10 or 12 we employ another full-fledged teacher to come and assist as needed.  We value your education so much that we happily invest dollars in more experts to help the primary teacher when needed.

  • Flexibility for student needs and personal attention.  We find that being small lets us respond flexibly to individual students’ needs.  We don’t herd big groups through our program.  We have the luxury of really caring for our students and helping them in any way we can to fulfill their dreams.  We take pride in our extremely low drop-out rate which is a direct result of our desire to make every student successful.

  • We will remain small even as we grow.  We have made a commitment to small class sizes even as we grow because we know how important this aspect of our program is to student success.  We will always choose quality over quantity because we are passionate about graduating new people into the field who are competent and who contribute positively to the field of massage therapy.

  • Respect for your schedule.  We do not require you to find extra time to schedule clinic hours and additional workshops.  Our calendars include all required hours so you can plan your life outside of school.  In addition, our 630 hours are exact and carefully planned.  We do not use unsupervised volunteer hours outside of class nor excessive clinic hours to fill time.  We have a concise curriculum of vital knowledge and skills for you to learn and apply for real-world clients who need your help.

These are some very important considerations when comparing offerings of different types of massage therapy schools.  Feel free to ask us to explain more about any of these concepts!

Mission Statement
The instructors at Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy, Inc. are committed to helping each student learn basic sciences and hands-on techniques necessary for becoming an excellent massage therapist who meets the needs of individual clients.

Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy, Inc. is approved by the State of Wisconsin Educational Approval Program.  WSMT is approved as a provider of education for individuals who qualify for veteran educational benefits. WSMT is approved as a provider of education for individuals who qualify for Ben Franklin Finance student loans.  All WSMT Hands-on Instructors and the Director are members of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).

Examination Focus
​Students of WSMT qualify to take the MBLEx given by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards. Students can apply for and schedule the exam any time they feel ready.  Students must apply for Wisconsin state licensure and complete a computerized test covering the state laws pertaining to massage work before graduation. WSMT helps students with this process by providing the paperwork and guidance for applying. State law requires proof of passing the statutes test to graduate from massage school. Graduates may also apply for a 6-month temporary license from the state which allows them to work while preparing for their board exam.

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Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy

"Whenever I'm looking to add to our staff, the first place I contact is WSMT. They are so helpful in providing great applicants and we've been so pleased with the quality of graduates they have provided."
Jenny Chemer, Former Owner 
In Excelsis DaySpa
 West Bend, WI

"Graduated from massage therapy school 2 years ago. Been so happy with the career choice I made. I love what I do and love that my clients are happy to see me.
 Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me through out this journey."
Deanna B. 2018 Graduate

"My heart is warm and fuzzy over this! Can I share?"  Mary McCluskey, Director

"Mary McCluskey yes please 😁
So happy to have attended your school. It was such a great experience." Deanna